No ticket!

Sunday found me hopping on the LIRR for the purpose of putting a few hours of work in at my office. Not something I normally do, or really want to do, but I knew if I went, I’d be in much better shape Monday. And all in all, it was uneventful, minus my boss scaring […]

Important Question

Which of the below do we think the young man in the picture below is missing from? The Royal Tannenbaum’s sequel? a Run DMC new member search? or a Sue Sylvester lookalike contest? (Thanks to Rachel for that last one!)

Dearest bitch on the subway:

Scene: moderately full train car during Friday night rush hour. I get on the train, seeing a seat open next to a girl similar in size to me in one of the two seater sections: When I take my seat, I realize that I’m feeling rather… squished. Like I said, the girl next to me […]

Subway Behavior 101

I’m pretty sure the NYC MTA is solely responsible for me becoming a crazy, antisocial, sociopath. I’ve developed coping mechanisms to help me deal with my hour+ commute each way from the Boogie Down BX to the city.  Such habits include, but are not limited to: Sticking my elbow out whenever someone goes to sit […]

On the subject of giving

I gave a person in need a dollar this morning, while on my subway ride to work. I only write about this, because it’s unusual behavior for me. I’m your typical jaded New Yorker, and when someone trolls the subway cars asking for money, my first thought is that they are a con artist. Why […]

Foot Fashion Faux Pas

Scene: 6 Train, 8:30ish this morning. Criminal: This chick wearing these HIDEOUS SHOES and LEGGINGS WITH STIRRUPS!!! picture snapped discreetly with my camera phone Seriously…. what the hell is that?? Who thinks that’s ok??!? The shoes are one thing, but then throwing the stirrup leggings into the mix? Oh hell no. This is also my […]