Fashionable Sadie

If you’ve been following me for awhile on Instagram you’ll be familiar with my #fashionablesadie hashtag. Since she was super little I’ve been instragramming her fashionable outfits with this hashtag because girlfriend has a way better closet than me, I want to live vicariously through her. Fashionable Sadie: Recently Sadie has been very into her “fashion.” […]

Summer Vacation in Numbers

Like I’ve mentioned we spent the last week in Narragansett, Rhode Island on summer vacation. We go away every summer with Dave’s family and when we first started going there were 10 of us and now we’re up to 13! We’ve been to Vermont, Virginia (2x), Cape Cod, the Poconos and this is the first […]

Sadie’s 4th birthday party – Gymnastics and a whole lotta cake!

We had Sadie’s birthday party last Saturday and it was so much fun! I think it was the first birthday party of hers where I actually got to enjoy myself. Why? Because we didn’t have it in the house! We decided this year would be the first year we had a kids party and we […]

My Baby IS a Snow Baby!

Welcome to Winter Storm Jonas!! (By the way, who decided to name winter storms? Why not like Winter Storm 2,081? Does the name make it more personal?) We’re all cozy in our house and thankfully don’t have to go out for anything. And the city just mandated that all roads were closed starting at 2:30pm […]

Wordless Wednesday

    Sunset from my hotel balcony in Los Angeles

DIY: Photo wall

Before you do anything, go ahead and click on the blog if you’re viewing this in a reader… go on, do it. ISN’T IT PRETTY? I’ve made the leap over to self-hosting at WordPress, and I’m not lying in the least when I say it wouldn’t have even begun to happen without the help of […]