Sadie’s first Father-Daughter Dance

This past Friday was the Father-Daughter dance at Sadie's school. They call it a Sweetheart Dance or something similar to as to not discriminate against those kids who may not have a dad to bring, and told kids they could bring a "special adult" but it was … Click here to read the full post →

Listening, Reading, Watching 3

This is a monthly feature I'm starting where I share the things that have captured my attention - podcasts, music, TV shows or movies, books, etc. This month I'm Listening To: The Weezer Teal Album. Back during the summer Weezer released a cover … Click here to read the full post →

Five on a Friday 2.8.19

Happy Friday!! This week has been long, short, and stressful all at the same time. It's what always happens when there is an event coming up! Here's my Five on a Friday! {One} I am headed to Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning and not gonna lie - I'm a … Click here to read the full post →

January Prime Purchases

It's the first Tuesday of the month so its time to link up for Prime Purchases! I love seeing what everyone buys on my favorite site and I love sharing my purchases too! January was actually a pretty light Amazon month for me. Dave and I realized our … Click here to read the full post →

What I Read in… January

Well, I started off January STRONG and finished the month having read eight books! I'm actually surprised the number isn't higher I was flying through books in the beginning.  In January I read: The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner - This Book of … Click here to read the full post →

Five on a Friday 2.1.19

Happy Friday! This week was going great and then I had to pick up Sadie from school Thursday morning because she had a fever. Sigh. She has been SO SICK this fall and winter it's insane. Luckily we don't have many plans for this weekend so we can relax and … Click here to read the full post →