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My 2013 Goals

Happy New Year! The other day during my commute to work I used Evernote to jot down a few goals for 2013. Notice I’m using the word “goals” and not “resolutions”. I barely make resolutions. In my opinion, why try and hold yourself to something that you will inevitably forget about or fail at by […]

Plannin’ Menus & Hittin’ Goals

In addition to us (trying to) be responsible by menu planning, I also made it one of my Life List goals to learn 50 new recipes. No time line given, but just learn 50 new ones. I figure at the end of each month, I’ll let you know how many I’ve accomplished (and which ones). […]

Life Goals

In a conversation with my coworker Berry, I came across my life goal. We needed a place to vent and were looking for somewhere to meet via Gmail chat. me: do we need to meet in my office? (aka by the back elevators?) Berry: ha in a few me: remember how the Fonz had his […]

Organizing My Life – My Blog Notebook & Accessories

Last month I shared how I keep myself organized with my paper planner, and now it’s onto how I keep myself organized (or at least am attempting to) with my blog notebook! Some may think its weird to keep blog ideas on paper, since the blog is digital and all, but in my 10+ years […]

Organizing My Life – My Paper Planner & Accessories

I’m a person that needs to write it down on paper, otherwise it doesn’t get done. Seriously sometimes at home if I’m overwhelmed I write myself a to-do list of the simplest tasks to keep me going. Before we left for vacation I literally wrote down “shower” as one of my tasks the day before […]

Five on a Friday 2.1.19

Happy Friday! This week was going great and then I had to pick up Sadie from school Thursday morning because she had a fever. Sigh. She has been SO SICK this fall and winter it’s insane. Luckily we don’t have many plans for this weekend so we can relax and recoup. Here’s my Five on […]