February Prime Purchases

It's the first Tuesday of the month so its time to link up for Prime Purchases! I love seeing what everyone buys on my favorite site and I love sharing my purchases too! February was another tame Prime month for me - I feel like I used to order so much … Click here to read the full post →

What I Read in… February

February has FLOWN by. I mean I know its a short month but sheesh! I did get a good amount of reading done in the beginning of the month, finishing up February with a respectable seven books read - more than half that were non-fiction! In February I … Click here to read the full post →

Five on a Friday 3.1.19

Happy Friday!! I'm in Vegassssss!!!!! I am happy to have a girls weekend with my friends, but I totally need a break from traveling for a while. This month has been nuts! NUTS. Here's my Five on a Friday! {One} With being gone for almost two weeks I … Click here to read the full post →

Our Week in Mont Tremblant, Canada

Dave, Sadie and I spent a week in Mont Tremblant, Canada during their winter recess. Dave and now Sadie are avid skiers and they take frequent local trips but we try to book a big trip every other year or so to a place they wouldn't normally visit to go … Click here to read the full post →

Organizing My Life – My Paper Planner & Accessories

I'm a person that needs to write it down on paper, otherwise it doesn't get done. Seriously sometimes at home if I'm overwhelmed I write myself a to-do list of the simplest tasks to keep me going. Before we left for vacation I literally wrote down "shower" as … Click here to read the full post →

What’s Giving Me Anxiety

I've written before about my struggles with anxiety. I didn't used to be this anxious as a child but a bad relationship and an extremely stressful job with an out of control boss (not currently but previously) have left my nerves dangling by a thread. You can … Click here to read the full post →