Life List

My Life List!! Some are ongoing, some I’ve completed and some I’m still looking to accomplish! What’s on your life list? This list is updated regularly.

bold = completed
italics = in progress

In the US
Visit all 50 states and Washington D.C. (airports don’t count)
– as of 8/22/16: 25/51 -NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA, NH, MD, AZ, CA, TX, NV, LA, FL, TN, IL, UT, VA, DE, D.C., GA, WA, VT, MN, CO, RI
Go camping with a group of friends
New York
– See Niagara Falls from the US side
– Go inside the Statue of Liberty
Visit Portland, OR
– Get a Voodoo Donut
Visit Seattle, WA – 3/31 – 4/2/11
– Drink coffee at the original Starbucks – 2/21/13
Get a fish thrown at me at Pike Place Market  (The guys at the fish market told me not to do it – the fish is super old and gross – NO THANK YOU!)
– Take a picture with the Fremont Troll
– Go to the top of the Space Needle
Visit Denver or Boulder, CO – 12/2 – 12/7/14
See the Grand Canyon
– Do the Skywalk
– Take a Pink Jeep tour
In California:
– Wine tasting in Napa
See the sea lions at the Wharf in San Francisco – 5/11/10
– Ride on a Cable Car
– Take a picture in front of the Hollywood Sign
– Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge –6/3/11
Take a road trip cross-country
Paint my name on one of the cars in the Cadillac Ranch
Visit Harry Potter World at Islands of Adventure.
Visit Hawaii
Visit Alaska
Visit the Outer Banks

New York State of Mind
Visit Water Taxi Beach at the South Street Seaport – this is now called Beekman Beer Garden – 8/16/13
Eat at:
– Enjoy a burger and “concrete” at Shake Shack – 6/9/10
Munch on some PB(& maybe J) at Peanut Butter & Co.8/10/09
– Get cheesecake and an egg cream at Junior’s.
Arthur Avenue. Home to the best Italian food and desserts and I haven’t eaten there yet. – 3/20/12
Have pizza at the famous Spumoni Gardens2/5/11
Take the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. – 6/20/10
New York City Duck Tour!
Get half-price tickets to a Broadway show at the TKTS booth.1/27/12
Go boating in Central Park.
Hit up the Brooklyn Flea. – Smorgasburg 6/7/11, and 11/2011
Go to a taping of SNL, Last Week Tonight, The Tonight Show, etc.

Visit 15 countries
– DONE! – I have visited Mexico, Canada, Italy, England, Bahamas, Israel, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, France, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Greece…
Visit France:
Stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower – 7/11/10
See the Mona Lisa – 7/12/10
Go back to Israel
Visit Australia:
– Hold a koala bear
Pay my respects at a concentration camp
Go on a week or longer cruise
Visit Vancouver
See Niagara Falls from the Canada side
Stay at an all-inclusive resort – 2/18 – 2/24/11
See the Egyptian pyramids
Take a bike tour – 7/5/10
Visit Amsterdam:
Visit the Anne Frank House – 7/9/10
Walk along the Great Wall of China
Visit Cuba

Across the Globe
Visit 15 breweries/brew pubs: TOO MANY TO COUNT!!
Visit 1 country on every continent (America is a given and not counting Antarctica… cause let’s be real here.)
– As of 1/1/2016: 3/6 – North America (US, Canada, Mexico), Europe (Italy, England, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, France, Portugal, etc), Asia (Israel)

Mind, Body and/or Soul
Try acupuncture
Get a body scrub at a spa – 12/6/14
Get a drastically different haircut, showing off my curly hair for once – 9/8/10
Get laser eye surgery
Try Bikram Yoga – 1/6/11
Trade my mountain bike for a beach cruiser – 7/2011
Get a hot stone massage – 3/18/16
Run my first 5k – 11/23/13
Run 10 5ks – did it in a little over a year, on 4/11/14
Run a 10k – Queens 10k, 6/22/14
Run a half marathon
Go for a run in all 50 states
– As of 8/22/2016: 9/50 – NY, IL, WA, MN, CA, CT, VA, GA, RI
Stop using store bought detergent and make my own
Take a snowboarding lesson – 2/20/16 
Learn American Sign Language
Take a class in coding/HTML/web design

Cook a whole chicken/turkey
Bake a frost a multi-layer cake from scratch
Join a local CSA
Learn to cook/bake 50 new recipes in a year – 10/30/2010
Plant and harvest a vegetable/herb garden8/2011gonna call this done, we had some herbs of our own, and moved into a house with a full garden!
Take a sushi making class
Make pie crust from scratch
Bake something with yeast

Learn to knit – 6/18/11
Ride a mechanical bull – 10/24/09
Ride a segway (do a segway tour)
Volunteer on a Habitat for Humanity trip or something of the same nature
Go to BlogHer – 8/6 – 8/8/10
Smoke a cigar – 7/15/10
Smoke a hookah – 5/30/10
Make a scrapbook of my relationship with Dave
Collect every single Hard Rock Cafe shot glass (of currently existing Hard Rock Cafes/Hotels)
– as of 1/1/13: 23/52 US cafes & hotels – 15/108 international cafes & hotels (+ Montreal, which is now closed)  I need to update this!
Have a surprise party thrown for me – Dave threw me one for my 30th 🙂
Send out photo holiday cards – 2010, 2013, 2015
Expand on HarryPotterFestaThon, and watch all 8 Harry Potter movies once they’re all released – 3/17-3/18/12
Preserve/clean my wedding dress
See a Cirque Du Soleil Show
Take a photography class – took two, 9/10 and 10/10
Go to a drive-in movie
Ride in a hot air balloon
Swim with the dolphins – 2/20/11
Make another T-Shirt blanket, w/ Dave’s shirts
See Jason Mraz in concert and hear my wedding song live – 9/1/13
Shoot a gun – 1/2/11
Go Geocaching – 5/8/16

Be part of a flash mob – 7/11/13 at our friend’s wedding!

The Future
Own a house with an in-ground pool
Get married on March 20, 2010 and have the best wedding ever 🙂 Done and done! Read here
Have kids – our little Sadie Faye was born April 27, 2012
Host Thanksgiving for the whole family
Bury a time capsule in the backyard of our first house, to be uncovered only upon moving, or 25 years passing
Start saving money to own the house of my dreams
Become the “Halloween House” on the block like my parents
Be promoted at work – 8/1/12
Transfer over my 401k from my last job – 8/4/11 FINALLY (Should have done this 4 years ago!)
Be promoted at my new job
Move to another state

Aasif Mandvi