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I often posts links as affiliate links – and only to products and services I love – and from that I may make a small commission or retain a referral fee.

I love working with brands and am open to the following:

  • Giveaways and/or Reviews – happy to give an honest review and/or giveaway of your product or service as long as it is in line with what I would normally talk about on my blog.
  • In Person Reviews & Experiences  – based in Long Island, the five boroughs or the surrounding areas? I love going to local events, restaurants, stores and writing about my experience!
  • Ads – I’m happy to discuss options for posting your ad to the sidebar of my blog, as long as they are in line with my normal blog topics and theme.

I’ve successfully worked on campaigns for the following brands:

Reach out! I’m here 😉 Perksofbeingajap(@)gmail.com

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