Getting searched at the airport? No me gusta

We last talked about exploring the Manuel Antonio Park and then hanging out by the hotel pool during the second to last day of our Costa Rican adventure. Ahhh. The next day we were off for a long bus ride back to San Jose (land of the used band-aid – GROSS). It was a long […]

My uterus is officially closed

Oh yes. That’s what I told Dave on the phone and via Twitter yesterday after getting off my flight from NYC to San Francisco. Why is my uterus closed, you may ask? Please see the below diagram for an explanation: If it’s hard to see the text on the diagram, then I will explain that […]

On Plagiarizing…

I don’t understand plagiarism. Sure, there are cases in college when you don’t have time to write a paper and you pull things off the Internet or directly from a book (which doesn’t make it right either.) But to pull content from someone elses blog and claim it as your own? I just don’t get […]

Crying is my new hobby

To say that the past week has been rough in terms of work would be an understatement. I’ve cried at least 4 times since last Tuesday. Fun, right? I’ve never been so stressed out, and never realized how much of a buffer my boss was between our department and the big boss. I miss her […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I find myself to be so busy at work lately, that there’s no time to blog during the day, let alone time to read blogs. To sum up, I think it boils down to the good, the bad, and the ugly: The Good: My boss went into labor on Thursday, and had a gorgeous baby […]

Me vs the State of New Jersey

I have never hated the state of New Jersey more than I did yesterday. I was supposed to be heading to Maris’ apartment for some awesome hanging out and cookie decorating for charity. Instead, I got lost in New Jersey for about an hour, and wound up sobbing on the phone to Dave because I […]