50 Shades of Awful Writing

Arielle and I used to have a book review blog, back in the day. We stopped updating it years ago, but we still discuss books we read all the time and belong to the same book club… which hasn’t met since before Sadie was born… ooops. Anyway, we both read 50 Shades of Awfulness and […]

I’ve lost my {blogging} mojo

Seriously, I have no motivation to blog, what so ever.  It’s lame.  I’m lame. Can someone come blog for me? Is anyone else going through this right now?  Blargh. How ’bout this – I’ll tell you what I did on the weekend/what recipe I made/what is going through my mind, and you transcribe it all […]

Ka-POW! ZAP! Blammo!!!!*

Sometimes my morning radio show (z100’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, for all who were curious) gives me the best blog fodder.  The other day the topic on my drive over to the subway was, “who would you punch in the face?”  And not specific people by name, but types of people.  Like, people […]

Pain in the Ass

I think I pulled a muscle in my left butt cheek. I’ll give you all a moment to let that sink in. It’s either from shoveling snow, or pushing my friend Adam’s car out of the snow. It hurts to sit. It hurts to walk. It hurts to cough. (Really – I don’t know how […]

Lacey and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yes, yesterday sucked.  Actually, the day started sucking around 3pm on Wednesday, when the train myself and some coworkers were supposed to take to NJ for a meeting WAS NOT RUNNING due to some crap breaking on the NJ Transit line.  Stupid NJ transit.  Cue awful weather and NYC traffic, so I couldn’t get a […]

I wanted to work out, not get worked up!

I was really excited to get home from work yesterday, since it was the first day in the loooooong time that I was going to the gym! (I don’t even want to tell you the last time I was at the gym…. ok it was May. I suck.) So, I get off the train, begin […]