Sadie and The Bobo Fairy

The other night almost without warning, the Bobo Fairy came and visited Sadie and took all her bobos (pacifiers). Now lest you think we’re mean parents and just took them away for her, we’d been talking up the Bobo Fairy for awhile now with no luck. We’d mention maybe giving them away and she’d start […]

A perfect weekend of sorts

Dave and I often feel like we can never catch a break. Our weeks are hectic with work, long commutes for both of us, and the dropping off and picking up of the Sadie Face at daycare. And what sucks is that because we’re sooooooooooo popular (half kidding – Sadie’s really the popular one) we […]

Looking forward to…

To steal a page from RA, this weekend I am looking forward to: The Babies “R” Us & Graco event at the Babies ‘R Us in Union Square on Saturday. I got the invitation to check out Graco’s newest 0-2 yr car seat, and it promises some goodies and a chance to win one for […]


After what has felt like EONS of waiting, we finally closed on our house yesterday!! We’re getting things done quickly to make up for lost time – our move date is Saturday! Good thing our house was pretty mostly packed up before Sadie came! It’s going to be a big change living in Long Island […]

Dear Dave,

You probably don’t remember the exact date, but 3 years ago today, you popped the question. Remember, it was our fake Valentine’s Day, since you were working on the actual day.  And I, so unsuspecting, was completely shocked and blown away by the whole thing. It’s crazy how fast time has flown by since then. […]

Drumroll please….

You know what’s not fun?  Having your apartment be FILLED to the BRIM with boxes, packed bags, and stuff galore.  Did I mention we’re now moving on Thursday, almost two weeks sooner than our original date?  While I’m glad to not have to pay an additional week of rent, it was a sudden development that […]