What you talkin bout Lacey?

I had the weirdest, most random dream last night. I dreamt that Arielle and I were in a house somewhere (no idea where, or why we were there), and were sleeping over. For some reason, we knew that there were ghosts in this house. We were ok with it because we knew (I don’t know […]


I got these two emails this morning: I have no words.

The many uses of Post-It Notes

So today I’m wearing this dress, which I already had an issue with because I didn’t have any nude underwear, and I’m not quite sure that the lightest color I could find this morning (light grey) are light enough. It turns out that I shouldn’t have been concerned about my underwear, because it’s more than […]

Now you Know my Nose

Since my tweets and facebook update this past Sunday that I pierced my nose, you people, (Yes, YOU people) have been clamoring to see it. I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it, and I keep thinking that it’s way bigger than it really is. (The piercing, not my nose. Jerks.) […]

"He wants a glass of milk!"

My college friend Nicole always had the best stories. Things just happened to her family, like the time she put her name in a Bed Bath and Beyond drawing, won a car, and had a picture of her w/ the car put up in BB&B’s everywhere. I haven’t seen Nicole in a long time, but […]

Well if you’ve gotta be stranded someplace…

…you might as well be stranded in LA. Dave was supposed to leave to go back to NY this afternoon, and all morning we were keeping our fingers crossed that the weather in NY would hold up. Apparently they’re expecting 8-12 inches! And of course, about an hour and a half before he was going […]