No ticket!

Sunday found me hopping on the LIRR for the purpose of putting a few hours of work in at my office. Not something I normally do, or really want to do, but I knew if I went, I’d be in much better shape Monday. And all in all, it was uneventful, minus my boss scaring […]

Netflix Fail?

This was under my “Recommended for you” section when I logged into Netflix today: Umm.. what? I’m all for Jem (Showtime, Synergy!), but how is that related to Sex and the City? Is Carrie equivalent to Jem? Big is Rio? I’m confused.

The Baby Bean Birthday Pool

This warrants two posts in one day.  As you see below, this is what my husband and his friends decide to do when I’m having a baby.  Not that I’m against it in any way… I’d be flat out lying if I said that. Click the image for a clearer version… it was hard to […]

Ka-POW! ZAP! Blammo!!!!*

Sometimes my morning radio show (z100’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, for all who were curious) gives me the best blog fodder.  The other day the topic on my drive over to the subway was, “who would you punch in the face?”  And not specific people by name, but types of people.  Like, people […]

Just another Friday in the office…

No, I’m not going to quote that stupid Friday song (I already did it on Twitter hee hee).  I do feel bad for Rebecca Black though – granted the song is awful, but some of the comments she is getting are just extremely evil. Anyway… just another typical Friday in the office here… get coffee, […]

TLC Summer Celebration, and that one time I was mistaken for a reporter

Somehow, in some way, I finagled an invite to the “TLC Summer Celebration”, an event that took place on a rooftop garden in midtown Manhattan, promoting their TV summer line up. Obviously I got invited because I am a very important person. Who loves watching Say Yes to the Dress. Hey look its Randy!!! Nope, […]