My 5 Ws of Blogging

The other week Sarah from Seeing All Sides blogged about… well she blogged about blogging! She wrote about her five Ws of blogging… the who, what, when, where and why of her blog. I LOVED the idea and wanted to do my own! Well… I blog about everyone! I mainly write about myself, Sadie and […]

20SB Blogging Prompt: Villains You Love to Hate

The latest 20SB blogging prompt immediately made me want to use it because OMG BREAKING BAD WALTER WHITE HOLY SHIT THAT SHOW IS GOING TO KILL ME! Dave and I are behind on the show, and literally have the last two episodes left to watch before it’s over for ALL OF TIME. Walter White. I […]

My Personal Hell

A while ago the fabulous Amy wrote a post describing what her personal hell would be like. I immediately bookmarked it for a future post of my own, since I loved the idea (and had it added as a 20SB blogging prompt). So what would be included my personal hell? Cake will be playing on […]