Make Working From Home Work for You

For about four weeks this summer I got to work from home. We were renovating our office so everyone was set up to work remotely for the duration of the renovations. While before I had worked from home here and there this was the first time I was working remotely for an extended period of […]

Six Easy Ways I Help at Home When I’m on a Work Trip

Last week (well, from the 13th to the 19th) I was away for an event. This is one of my longer work trips and honestly it doesn’t matter how long or short they are – I always feel guilty for leaving. It’s hard leaving Dave and Sadie for that length of time and knowing that […]

A Day in the Life…

I’m an event planner. Now before you get all excited and like, “OOOOH PARTIES! THAT MUST BE SO MUCH FUN!” – hold your horses. I’m a corporate event planner. Now you’re still probably like “OOOOH EVENT PLANNING! THAT MUST BE SO MUCH FUN!” Did you know that event planning has continuously shown up as one […]

Rituals of the Travel Weary

I travel a bunch for work. Well, I travel less than I did before I had Sadie, but it’s still a part of my job, and some months crazier than others. (This month is a brutal month.)  So far since the end of May, I’ve been to Toronto, San Francisco and Minneapolis and in the […]

Back at work and busy as ever

Holy moly. I have been BUSY! I went back to work on July 23rd, and even working from home a few days a week, it’s crazy! I didn’t say anything before, but before I left on maternity leave, I was promoted! I am now the Associate Director of my department, as my director was leaving […]

Reverse Mommy Guilt

I’m experiencing Mommy Guilt already… I didn’t think that was possible!  However, it’s the opposite of how I would imagine most mommies, or in my case, mommies-t0-be, experience it.  From parents whose blogs I read to friends I know with kids, a few women experience some form of guilt when they go back to work […]