Sadie and The Bobo Fairy

The other night almost without warning, the Bobo Fairy came and visited Sadie and took all her bobos (pacifiers). Now lest you think we’re mean parents and just took them away for her, we’d been talking up the Bobo Fairy for awhile now with no luck. We’d mention maybe giving them away and she’d start […]

Drumroll please….

You know what’s not fun?  Having your apartment be FILLED to the BRIM with boxes, packed bags, and stuff galore.  Did I mention we’re now moving on Thursday, almost two weeks sooner than our original date?  While I’m glad to not have to pay an additional week of rent, it was a sudden development that […]


Sorry I didn’t get around to announcing the winner of my Nintendo giveaway this weekend, but Dave and I ran around nonstop, from drinks at The Frying Pan, to the beach, out to dinner with relatives, and then to the Red Bull Air Race yesterday. (Which was pretty freaking cool!) So, anyway, the winner of […]

J.A.P. Winner!!

Thanks for being patient with me in announcing the winner of this giveaway! Stupid hotel and them charging stupid $10 a day for internet! So, without further ado, the winner of a copy of Japan Took the J.A.P. Out of Me is…. Rachel from Rachel, Rachel I’ve Been Thinking!!! Rachel, sending you an email now […]

The many uses of Post-It Notes

So today I’m wearing this dress, which I already had an issue with because I didn’t have any nude underwear, and I’m not quite sure that the lightest color I could find this morning (light grey) are light enough. It turns out that I shouldn’t have been concerned about my underwear, because it’s more than […]