Whip it Up Week 8!! (Whip it Up no more) :)

Since Whip it Up sadly has to come to a close, I decided to go out with a bang by baking my very first cheesecake for the desserts theme. I’ve made cheesecake cupcakes before, and AMAZING cheesecake brownies, but never an entire cheesecake. And who better to get a cheesecake recipe from than BakingBlonde? And […]

Whip it Up Week 7!!

Only one more week left – oh no!!! This week’s theme – salads!! I went the route of a fruit salad, even though the recipe I used calls it a “salsa”. I deem it a salad, because the only thing making it salsa-like are the cinnamon chips that are baked to accompany it. So there. […]

Whip it Up Week 6!!

Wow I can’t believe there’s only two more weeks of the Whip it Up Challenge. Craziness!! For this week’s theme of appetizers, I yet again went with a Rachael Ray recipe. What is wrong with me? I bring you – Baked Potato Bites! To me, it seemed like a (slightly) healthier version of potato skins. […]

Whip it Up Week 5!!!

I don’t need an excuse to go to the farmer’s market. So when this week’s Whip it Up theme was fresh produce, I grabbed Dave and our reusable Trader Joe’s bag and set off for the Union Square Farmer’s Market (my favorite one). Since Rachael Ray didn’t fail me last time, I decided to give […]

Whip it Up Week 4!!!

This week’s theme was vegetarian, and funny enough, RA and I chose the same recipe! For me – it’s Rachael Ray Day! I can’t stand the woman’s voice, but she does have some good recipes. Stuffed Portobellos with Bread Salad – 8 portobello mushroom caps, wiped clean– 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO),plus more for […]

Whip it Up Week 3!!!

Mmm Mmm Old Favorites!! I thought about this one for awhile, because it would have been super easy for me to take a cookie recipe from my mom, or something along those lines. But I started the Whip it Up challenge to get away from always baking and never cooking, so I thought about it […]