Whip it Up Week 3 – Regional Favorites aka OMG I LOVE PASTA

This week’s Whip it Up theme was Regional Favorites. Well I live in New York, so what’s a regional favorite besides pizza, street cart pretzels and hot dogs, or bagels? Well my area of the Bronx is Italian, so I decided to make an Italian dish. 🙂 AND I got to use a recipe from […]

Whip it Up Week 2 – Frozen Mojito Cake-FAILS

This week’s Whip it Up theme was something I was psyched for… Guilty Pleasures. (Oooooohhhhhhh!!!) I thought a lot about what I would make… clearly I wanted to make a dessert… how much more of a guilty pleasure can you get than dessert? But also…. I REALLY like alcohol. Hahaha. So, I THOUGHT I found […]

Whip it Up Week 1! "Holiday" Favorites w/ a twist!

Yay Whip it Up is back!! As a reminder, Whip it Up is a 8 week challenge to bake/cook/procure one new recipe each week. Each week has a theme, which you don’t have to stick to, but I like to try and make it work. (As Tim Gunn would say.) A few weeks ago I […]

Whipping it Up 2K9

Are you doing Whip it Up this year? No? Well you should. 🙂 I had such a good time participating last year, and learned a lot of new recipes that I would have never taken the time to cook/bake otherwise. You can see all the recipes I tried during Whip it Up here. And did […]