What’s in my Bag – Travel Edition

*You may have missed my last post – it went up right as my domain hosts were doing some work on the back end of my blog! Make sure to check it out here!* If you didn’t know, I travel pretty frequently for work. I am gone about six or more times a year for […]

What’s in my Hospital Bag

Today, other than being Dave’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DADDY!), has been rather shiteous in terms of house crap and hormones. But I already wrote about the house BS the other day, so I won’t repeat myself here. (That’s what Twitter is for!) I also didn’t take any pictures yet for my 38 week preggo […]

What’s in my bag: #20SBSummit edition!

I’ve always wanted to do one of those “What’s in my Bag” posts. I’m a nosy person – I knowing what people carry in their bags! (I also peek into people’s windows while walking by if the shades are up… stalker much?) When I got home from the 20SB Summit I figured that was better […]