Reverse Mommy Guilt

I’m experiencing Mommy Guilt already… I didn’t think that was possible!  However, it’s the opposite of how I would imagine most mommies, or in my case, mommies-t0-be, experience it.  From parents whose blogs I read to friends I know with kids, a few women experience some form of guilt when they go back to work […]

Vasowhat episode?

So I went to the hospital yesterday. After feeling headache-y and generally kind of groggy all day, I figured it was better to be safe than sorry and took myself to Urgent Care. (My usual doctor is out in Long Island, and this is 5 mins away, the wait is usually pretty minimal.) After seeing […]

How do they do it?

Are there women who are effortlessly flawless? I asked myself this question this morning as I got off the train at Times Square. Here it was, 8:45 in the morning, rain pouring down, and I’m dressed like a shlub in rainboots, ripped jeans, a Bronx Underground t-shirt, and my hair in a ponytail w/ a […]

[Insert stressed out sounds here]

Today was one of those awful days. Work has been insane lately, and this past week (and it’s only Tuesday, mind you), has left me feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and plain frustrated. You know it’s bad when the minute I got home, I wrapped myself in Dave’s arms and cried. I’m feeling slightly better now because […]

Anyone got The Cure? (no, not the band)

Hi my name is Lacey and I’m a closet over-reactor. Hi Lacey! (I once started a paper for a class like that… it was about twirling my hair… no lie.) So today Dave took a sick day from work to wait for our couch to be delivered. The automated phone call that he received last […]

H2Oh No!

I woke up last night around 1:15am, very confused. Why had I woken up? I saw that I had a missed call on my cell, but that was almost an hour earlier. Then I heard it… the steady trickle of water hitting my floor. Where was it coming from. Rubbing sleep out of my eyes […]