A Trip to Dead Horse Bay

(Otherwise known as the day Dave and I voluntarily picked through garbage.) I’ve been wanting to go to Dead Horse Bay for awhile now but the fire to head there was ignited once again when it was featured on the Only in Your State blog. (If you don’t follow this blog for your own state […]

Guest Post: My Wife, Sandwich Nazi

As promised in my last post, Dave and I have prepared a tutorial for you on how I like my sandwiches made for lunch. Well, Dave wrote up the instructions. I took the pictures. (Please note that a lot of this is blatant lies and slander. I’ll let you figure out what parts are actually […]

I have some weird food habits

I once wrote about my finicky food issues (and was relieved that I wasn’t the only one!) But it doesn’t end there. Oh no! The weirdness continues! In addition to having major dislikes, and stipulations about how my food is plated, I also eat certain things in particular ways… Double Stuf Oreos – First of […]

Finicky Food Issues

My mom always jokes that I was less picky about food when I was a toddler than I am now.  Sad part is, it’s totally true.  I basically ate anything and everything when I was younger, and now the list of things I won’t eat has grown exponentially: Pork (except bacon) Veal Lamb Mayonnaise (but […]

Is this worth a controversy?

Two posts in one day!  That hasn’t happened in… forever! I saw this on Good Morning America and it was stuck in my head on my train ride into work. Basically, the controversy is surrounding the fact that the baby comes with a special nursing tank top to put on, so little girls can pretend […]

Prague, Part Deux

I realized that besides the Sedlec Ossuary, I forgot a bunch of other things from our time in Prague, in my haste to get a post up. (Silly blogger.) For one, I forgot about the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, which are basically what all tourists come to Prague to see! View of the Charles […]