Five on a Friday 12.28.18

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, whether you were celebrating or just enjoying a day off from work. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re heading up to Dave’s sister’s for a 2nd Christmas this weekend but before we go here’s my Five on a Friday.  {One} Dave and I had a fantastic getaway last weekend. We […]

A nice, relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day! We didn’t make any concrete plans for the weekend which was great, but we wound up doing a lot. It was still nice and relaxing though. On Friday I got out of work a little early, headed to a Pure Barre class and then met Dave and Sadie at the movies. Our […]

My 3(4)th of July Recap!

I tried to do something clever there with it being my 34th birthday AND the 4th of July in the title, but I don’t think it worked. Oh well! I had a wonderfully long weekend for my birthday and Independence Day. It was relaxing, full of friends and good food and overall just a great […]

Discovering White Post Farms

Last weekend we were invited to the birthday party of my friend’s son. I’ve known Ilan since we were like, 10? 11? We went to summer camp together and lived about five minutes away from each other. (And “dated” when we were 13 haha.) Now we both live out on Long Island and are married […]

Turning 33…

I turned 33 on Saturday. It’s been years since I’ve gone all out with a party at a bar, drinking myself silly until all hours of the evening… or morning. This year I decided to have a relaxing weekend visiting my sister-in-law and family in Pennsylvania. We had grand plans for tubing down the Delaware […]

A perfect weekend of sorts

Dave and I often feel like we can never catch a break. Our weeks are hectic with work, long commutes for both of us, and the dropping off and picking up of the Sadie Face at daycare. And what sucks is that because we’re sooooooooooo popular (half kidding – Sadie’s really the popular one) we […]