To the love of my life

Dear Dave, It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since our wedding.  ONE. YEAR.  Our fabulous, whirlwind, out of control wedding was 365 days ago.  It really seems like it was only yesterday. I really don’t know how I got to be so lucky.  To quote Juno, you are “the cheese to my […]

The orgy of wedding pictures continues!!!

What’s that? You want to see more wedding pictures? Well of course you do. 🙂 Luckily for us it was GORGEOUS that weekend (as I’ve mentioned before), so we went outside to take some family pictures. It was a little hot standing under the sun though, so we tried to get my grandpa, and my […]

Happy 1 month married-versary!!

We’ve been married for a month today!! On 4/20!! (I think if we smoked pot, this would have more significance for us.) It’s crazy to think it’s been a month already!! But then again, nothing is really different! Everyone asks us if married life is any different than life before, and the answer is pretty […]

Lacey & Dave Get Married – Getting Ready!!

Yay! It’s finally time for more wedding pictures! In some kind of chronological order!!! And here we go!!! The day before the wedding my mom treated whoever could come to get their nails done! 5 of us and my mom got manicures, pedicures and then went out to lunch, and holy crap it was like […]

"I Bet You Think This Song is About You!"

When Dave and I were planning the wedding, we decided early on that our friends would play our Precessional as we walked down the aisle. (And they did and it was awesome… and yes I will share this with you soon.) At one point, Dave had mentioned that he might surprise me with something, but […]

I’m married!! (Eeeek!)

That’s so weird to say!! Dave and I have also decided that being married feels really no different than before. Except for the pretty rings on our fingers. I guess since we’ve been living together for so long, there’s really not much that could be different! I have to get used to being someone’s wife […]