Subscription Box Letdown – My Last Beautycon BFF Box

For about a year now I’ve been subscribing to the Beautycon BFF Box. This box is quarterly and has a new curator each box who is a YouTube beauty star. This last Fall box was curated by two YouTubers whose names I already forgot and don’t care enough to look up. Inside each box, you […]

What am I REALLY good at?

I spent the last few days thinking about this. What am I REALLY good at? It came up, randomly enough, when I found out that Arielle had made it as a Season 6 Stratejoy blogger.  Weird correlation, right? First of all, I am SO incredibly happy for her.  I started texting and tweeting my congrats […]

The Scariest Moment

I’m pretty sure the experience I’m about to tell you all is the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life.  Minus having to walk down the spiral staircase of death. Wednesday night I went after work to visit my friend Annie, who lives out in Long Island.  I left her apartment around 9:30ish […]

Me vs Caffeine

Hi my name is Lacey and I’m addicted to all things coffee.  I also suffer from frequent headaches.  In the beginning, I believed that my headaches were due to stress, or staring at my computer monitor for too long.  But I noticed that I wasn’t really getting headaches during the week – only on the […]

Dental Drama

As I was getting my gums hacked at teeth cleaned at the dentist today, John Mellencamp’s song “Hurt So Good” came on the radio. (Is he John Mellencamp now? Or is it John Cougar Mellencamp? John Cougar? John C. Mellencamp? J.C. – oh wait that’s an N’sync-er.) How appropriate, right? Dr. Jekyll — I mean […]