We have a walker!

Not this kind of walker But this kind! Ahhhh!!!!

Blog Carnival: Your Favorite YouTube Video

The YouTube channel WIGS posted a video where the actors discuss their favorite videos of 2012. The team at 20SB teamed up with WIGS for our January Blog Carnival, and to participate, we’re sharing some of our favorite YouTube videos. It was hard for me to choose just one, so I share with you the […]

Wordless Wednesday

We’ll, almost wordless.

20SB Vlog Day! Introduce Yourself…

Today is 20SB Vlog Day! Please, please forgive me as you view the monstrosity of a vlog that is below. A few notes: Vimeo captures the WORST screen shots.  I don’t look this heinous in person, I promise. I did this in a hotel room in San Francisco. That meant I was holding my flip […]

Nintendo and Netflix and Games! OH MY!

This Saturday, I got to host a party for Nintendo to promote the new streaming Netflix disc on the Wii!! Brand About Town kicks ass once again! Before I recap though, check out the Nintendo tattoo our friend Pat got just for the party… Old School!Hahah just kidding!!! He’s had it for a long time […]

GaGa, ooh la la – Want Your Newsies Romance?

This is why Arielle has been one of my best friends since kindergarten. She shared this gem with me today and I’ve giggled every time I’ve watched it. I heart Newsies. And Gaga. And I’m gonna watch this on repeat for the next few days. Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah!!/Seize the Day!