Crafty Kid Crafts – Ladybug Girl Book Activity

I’ve really enjoyed brainstorming and creating different craft activities to do with Sadie and whenever I’m struggling for inspiration I turn to her bookshelves! I also joined a Facebook group – Monthly Crafting Book Club. Each month a book or book series is selected and then everyone comes up with a craft for it! This […]

Crafty Kid Crafts – Dinosaurs Activity!

This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading Company, but please note all ideas and opinions are my own. I’d been looking to do another craft project with Sadie since our Secret Pizza Party and was super excited to partner with Oriental Trading for this one! One of Sadie’s favorite shows on Netflix is Dinotrux! So when I was […]

Crafty Kid Crafts – Secret Pizza Party Book Activity

I hate to admit but Sadie is addicted to television. She’d watch it 24/7 if we let her and I definitely let her watch more than I should. When it’s nice out we try to make it a habit to turn the TV off after awhile and have her go outside, or play with her […]

Cooking with Sadie!

In Sadie’s wishlist for the little chef I talked about her play kitchen, and how awesome it is. She received the Step2 Lil’ Chef’s Gourmet Kitchen for Hannukah and it was, and still is, a BIG hit. This kitchen has so many cool features. First of all, instead of an ordinary coffee pot, it has […]

Sadie’s Wish List for the Little Chef

Last, but more than certainly not least, is Sadie’s wishlist for the little chef! Ever since she was mobile, Sadie’s loved playing with everything she could get her tiny little hands on in the kitchen. And rearranging the bottom shelf of our fridge. And also sitting in our fridge, but that’s just… weird. She is […]

Sadie’s Arts & Craftsy wish list

One of the things I love about Sadie’s daycare is that no matter what age, they are always sending home little art projects that she’s done during her time there. Granted, it’s more like she scribbled with crayons or smeared some finger paints, and then her teachers created something cute with it, but still. Sadie […]