Summer Essentials

Long time readers know that Dave and I are both working parents and Sadie has been in daycare since she was a few months old. That being said, Sadie gets summers off from daycare much like she will in public school. The only reason this is the case is because Dave is a teacher so […]

Berry Picking at Lewin Farms

I’ve gone apple picking dozens of times. I’ve gone pumpkin picking dozens of times. But what I’ve never done (at least not in my cognizant memories) is gone berry picking. I’ve always wanted to and finally we made the trip out east to pick some delicious berries! I used this website to decided where to […]

Shakespeare, the Bachelorette and Blog Swap is Why my Summer Rocks

Today is the 9th Blog Swap for 20 Something Bloggers! I was lucky enough to be paired up with one of the 20SB Summit speakers Sami, who throws some wicked meetups in the Windy City.  Check out his reflections on summer below… and the fact that he started out with a Shakespeare reference, and ended […]