Letter to the people…

Dear parents of young children on the subway: I shouldn’t have to cringe when you sit yourself down next to me on the subway with your toddler or small child in tow. Why do I cringe, you ask? Because of your lack of control of your child. Teaching your kid manners, like not to speak […]

R U Thr God, Itz Me…

As some of you may have seen this morning on Twitter, I was sitting next to a guy on the train who was text messaging God. I’m not kidding. I looked over when he pulled out his phone cause he was being all annoying moving around, and saw a text that started, “Dear God,”. I […]

My Attitude Takes the Morning Train!

No seriously. I feel like the minute I step into the subway, I become this heinous human being. If someone is too close to me, I sigh or groan audibly so they can definitely hear me. If I need to get by and people aren’t moving, I yell, “Excuse ME!” in a super obnoxious loud […]

Fit Floppin’ Away…

Have you all heard of the FitFlop? They are these new shoes that are all the rage because while wearing them, they supposedly work out your feet and legs. When I first saw the ads in the subway I’ll admit I was intrigued, because that’s pretty cool. But then I saw the model they were […]

You know what really grinds my gears?

I hate it when the people at Dunkin Donuts don’t cut the bagel. They cut it in half, spread cream cheese on it, put the two halves together, and then you’re supposed to CUT THE BAGEL IN HALF AGAIN. SO I HAVE TWO HALVES OF A BAGEL. I have a small mouth. I have small […]

Ramblin’ on My Mind

Where did this weekend go? Oh that’s right, I was busy pretending to be a good Jew. Man that takes up a lot of time! I really can’t complain though… I love my family – they are SUPER entertaining. Get some wine in us and we’re good to go! ๐Ÿ™‚ You know what’s bad? When […]