July & August Stitch Fix Reveal

Well hello there! I just looked back and realized I hadn’t shared a fix since May! Ah! I honestly can’t remember what was in my June fix… I don’t think I kept anything? But July and August were pretty great so I’m happy to share those with you now! Especially since I have ANOTHER fix […]

May Stitch Fix Reveal – DAVE EDITION!

Technically this should be a May/June Stitch Fix reveal but I was lazy when Dave got his June fix and didn’t take photos, although he kept everything! Ladies (and gentlemen who are reading) I just wanted to share what a good sport Dave is. Not only does he showcase some fabulous poses for the pictures I take […]

May Stitch Fix Reveal & Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Here we go, my May Stitch Fix reveal! When I first opened this fix I was almost disappointed that it all seemed so basic (and basic as in basic pieces, not like, things a basic bitch would ear haha.) But it turned out to be a great fix! Speaking of great fixes, if you want to win […]

April Stitch Fix Reveal

Here we go, my April Stitch Fix reveal! I just realized that it’s been a few fixes since I’ve asked for anything specific in a fix from Liz. And I haven’t needed to! Unless I want something in particular, I’m more than happy to stick with what she thinks will work for me. | Shoes | Jeans | Skies […]

March & April Stitch Fix Reveal – DAVE EDITION!

It’s that time again!! Dave’s been enjoying Stitch Fix so much he decided to schedule one every month instead of bi-monthly. Meanwhile, I didn’t get a chance to share Dave’s March fix and he’s already received April, so now you get both! MARCH: Apologies for the poor quality Stitch Fix clothing card photos – Dave submitted feedback […]

March Stitch Fix Reveal

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a Stitch Fix reveal… I didn’t share my January or February fixes on the blog – they both came at times when I couldn’t adequately photograph them and I wasn’t in the mood to post. To be honest, they were not my favorite fixes – I wound up not keeping a thing […]