Things I’m loving

I haven’t done one of these “Things I’m Loving” posts in so long! There are a bunch of products I’m currently obsessed with – wanted to share! The Not Your Mother’s hair care line. I’m OBSESSED with this stuff. 1 – it all smells fabulous. 2 – the price is right and 3 – I love what […]

Monetizing or Compromising?

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for about a month.  I didn’t even have anything written, just the title.  Not really sure why – I think it was a combo of not having the right words, and just being downright unmotivated.  I’m all for making money/connections from my blog.  Most of us like […]

Love, love, loving!

There are quite a few things I’m love, love, LOVING right about now – My GIANT brown leather Mary Poppins-esque bag by Deux Lux for American Eagle. (I removed the bow/extra strap, but I still LOVE it.) New summer dresses.  I’ve been living in two from Forever21, and a new one I got from H&M […]

Is this worth a controversy?

Two posts in one day!  That hasn’t happened in… forever! I saw this on Good Morning America and it was stuck in my head on my train ride into work. Basically, the controversy is surrounding the fact that the baby comes with a special nursing tank top to put on, so little girls can pretend […]

When it swallows you whole…

Anxiety. Lately I’ve been feeling very anxious from work, and other work related things (like trying to get off my goddamn insurance!) I used to not be affected by it. (Anxiety, not insurance.) Or at least, if I was affected, I didn’t realize it. But now when something goes wrong at work, or if I […]