It’s a Race!! (I’m Winnnning!!!)

**UPDATE** The race has been postponed until Spring of 2010 due to scheduling conflicts.  Stay tuned! You may not know it, but Dave and I would LOVE to be on The Amazing Race (like you MTM! – I’m actually filling out an application for us now!)  I freaking love this show, and think the things […]

We want to pump (clap!) you up!!

Well, are you? I just found out about the 30 Flippin’ Days of Fitness from Sara Jane, and I’m excited. I’ve been doing the Shred pretty consistently for about 2 weeks now (I think I’ve missed 2 days?) and this will definitely help to keep me motivated. It is hard with all the travel I’m […]

The Skinny Truth

Yesterday as I was waiting in the airport for my delayed flight to Houston, I purchased Oxygen magazine. Jillian Michaels must really be getting to me if I willingly bought a workout magazine! Anyway, I was reading the letter to the editor, and she was writing about how she went to a store and the […]

Everything hurts!!

I started the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred on Wednesday… and took a day off today. I really wanted to do it straight through, but I can barely walk straight my calves hurt so much with every step. Granted the muscle looks great, but oh the pain! I was really afraid to start the workout […]

Holy sore crotch Batman!

Yeah… that title is going to get me a lot of hits, isn’t it? Today was GORGEOUS. I don’t know where you live but it was amazing out today, 70 degrees plus and beautiful. Dave and I decided to grab our bikes and head out for a ride, and we went from our house to […]

I have a bacon hangover

As per my title, I can’t tell if my lethargic nature today is due to the large amounts of Sam Adams consumed during Superbowl yesterday, or due to the large amounts of bacon consumed during Superbowl yesterday. Oh yes. Bacon. In the nature of Alexa’s Bacon & Wine night, we decided to have everyone bring […]