“Overwhelmed” is a word I’d use to describe how I’ve felt recently about my digital life recently. There are more times than not when I’d look at my closed laptop, and immediately start to feel anxious about all the unread blogs, emails, updates and other things I’d been letting pile up. It was hitting the […]

I’m having a love affair…

…with my MyTouch android phone!! Not my phone[img] For realz.  Originally I had wanted an iPhone when they were coming to Verizon, but holy hell was that plan going to be expensive!! And T-Mobile was running a deal where you would get a free phone and activation when opening a new account – so voila! […]


The internetz have been buzzing these last few days with two of the best quitting your job stories that we’ve seen in awhile.  First was the Jet Blue flight attendant, who after being hit with a customer’s luggage, and got fed up after she didn’t apologize, yelled at her over the intercom, chugged a beer, […]