My Baby IS a Snow Baby!

Welcome to Winter Storm Jonas!! (By the way, who decided to name winter storms? Why not like Winter Storm 2,081? Does the name make it more personal?) We’re all cozy in our house and thankfully don’t have to go out for anything. And the city just mandated that all roads were closed starting at 2:30pm […]

Do you wanna build a snowmannnnnnn????????????

Hope everyone is safe and warm from the northeast snowstorm!  

My baby is not a snow baby… part 2

It’s that time of year again! Time to let our child explore get tortured by the snow! We had a decent snowstorm at the end of the week – enough to shut down major roadways during the peak hours, and close down all schools on Friday. It finally let up around mid-morning and so we […]

Parking Wars!!

Ever since the first major snowfall in December, our neighborhood has been like a war zone when it comes to parking. It’s a residential block, but garages and driveways are small, and so the street spots are scarce. Plus we have a corner store, and two community centers of sorts on the block, which add […]