A great fall recipe: Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili

Fall for me isn’t about the leaves, or cozy boots, and definitely not anything pumpkin (blech). It DOES mean time to dust off my slow cooker! Hooray!! Dave and I have been really bad at meal planning this summer… and most of September. But we’re trying to get back into the swing of things, and […]

Fork-Tender Pot Roast: also known as “You Can Cut This With a Spoon Pot Roast”

Due to leaving at 5pm on Friday to visit friends in nowheresville PA, and not returning until 9pm last night, I’ve got nothing for Menu Monday this week.  Sorry!  Instead, I give you the fantastic Fork-Tender Pot Roast recipe that was part of our meal planning a few weeks ago, which turned out to be […]

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches Mmmmm

Does your significant other bug you when you don’t post, or is it just mine?  😉  Beyond reminding me that I hadn’t posted recently, the other night Dave also said, “You haven’t posted any recipes in awhile”.  And that was true.  I hadn’t posted a recipe in…. well who knows how long.  It’s weird, I […]

Super Simple Slow Cooker Soup!

I love soup.  I really don’t have soup for meals enough, but when I do, MmMmMmMm.  I’m not a big fan of soup out of the can, and stovetop soups always seem to take too much effort to make (me = lazy).  That’s why I love me some slow cooker soups!!!   Actually I love my […]