Things learned in San Francisco

I was in San Fran for the 2nd time this spring (and I’m going back next month!) This time I finally got to do a little sight seeing, and I also learned a few things… – Sea lions are loud. And crazy cute. My coworkers and I kept yelling “Sea Lion fight!!!!!” whenever they would […]

My uterus is officially closed

Oh yes. That’s what I told Dave on the phone and via Twitter yesterday after getting off my flight from NYC to San Francisco. Why is my uterus closed, you may ask? Please see the below diagram for an explanation: If it’s hard to see the text on the diagram, then I will explain that […]

Travel Woes

I’m so tired of traveling. I’ve been traveling pretty much 3 weeks straight now, and have only been home on the weekends. I’m tired of airports, planes, people stealing the armrest, traveling families of 7 and mean airport people. Traveling seems glamorous but trust me, after awhile it wears on you. You want your own […]

A San Francisco Treat!

Just landed in San Fran today for an event. I’m bone tired (what does that even mean?) and although it’s only 6:45pm West Coast time, I would not be upset at the prospect of going to bed soon. Random note – what is it with people on the plane who insist on talking to you […]