Sadie-Isms 3

It has been a hot minute since I’ve shared some Sadie-isms! Sadie is now almost six (hold me) and she such a spirited, funny, lovely little girl. And she still says the best things! Some of these are from a while ago, but they’re still good! Sadie, playing with Dave: Rocka paper scissors and shoot! […]

Sadie-isms 2

It’s been about five months since I shared some of the most recent Sadie-isms here. I’m telling you this girl gets sillier and sillier each and every day. Not only is she a ham and always making funny faces and getting into shenanigans but she has an insane vocabulary that she occasionally bungles up. She’s […]

Kids Behind the Blog – May

It’s time for May’s Kids Behind the Blog post! These little prompts are something Sadie and I look forward to each month now. I love her answers and since I record her on my phone she loves watching the videos of herself. Little narcissist.  The Kids Behind the Blog is a monthly Q&A with the […]

Kids Behind the Blog – April 2016

It’s time for April’s Kids Behind the Blog post! It’s only the second time I’ve participated but I love these prompts. I also record Sadie’s answers on my phone and watching her give the answers makes me so happy.  The Kids Behind the Blog is a monthly Q&A with the kids who made us mamas. […]

The Kids Behind the Blog

I saw this linkup on a few blogs today and knew I had to get Sadie involved! It’s such a cute idea and another creative way to chronicle Sadie’s childhood.  The Kids Behind the Blog is a monthly Q&A with the kids who made us mamas. 🙂 Hosted by: Our Pretty Little Girls, The Adventure Starts […]


When I was pregnant with Sadie I would do bi-weekly bump updates. And when she was a baby I would do monthly updates. And then she turned one and I forgot I had a kid. Just kidding!! I just didn’t have the patience or time for the updates anymore! Womp. I did take a moment […]