Birthday Buddies 2017

Last week was the start of birthday celebrations!! Dave’s birthday was last Wednesday (the 26th) and Sadie’s was the very next day. If you don’t know Sadie’s birth story and how she “stole” Dave’s birthday, you can read about it here. On Dave’s birthday, he woke up to singing (I am a FABULOUS singer… NOT) […]

Discovering White Post Farms

Last weekend we were invited to the birthday party of my friend’s son. I’ve known Ilan since we were like, 10? 11? We went to summer camp together and lived about five minutes away from each other. (And “dated” when we were 13 haha.) Now we both live out on Long Island and are married […]

Girl Mom Box Swap Reveal!

I have to say, the Girl Mom Box Swap (#GirlMomBoxSwap17) has probably been one of my favorite swaps to have been a part of! Last year the Boy Mom Swap was floating around the blog world and I was sad to be left out! So I was SUPER excited for this one! (And thrilled to […]

Crafty Kid Crafts – Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool Book Activity & Class Gift Ideas

This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading Company, but please note all ideas and opinions are my own. When Oriental Trading reached out to me asking if I wanted to do a Valentine’s Day project I immediately jumped on it! Our dinosaur craft project was so much fun and Sadie has been SO into these projects lately. […]

Crafty Kid Crafts – Ladybug Girl Book Activity

I’ve really enjoyed brainstorming and creating different craft activities to do with Sadie and whenever I’m struggling for inspiration I turn to her bookshelves! I also joined a Facebook group – Monthly Crafting Book Club. Each month a book or book series is selected and then everyone comes up with a craft for it! This […]

Even More Fun with Apple the Elf (on the Shelf!)

Yes, Christmas is over and our elf has returned to the North Pole, but I wanted to wrap up all the fun things we did with Sadie and our elf this season. We introduced Elf on the Shelf to our household about two years ago and this year is probably the most fun we’ve had […]