Lacing Up My Running Shoes

I’ve been running again. Remember when I was hanging up my running shoes? I took about a year off from running and I don’t regret it in the slightest. My body and mind were not in a place where I enjoyed running or even the feeling you get after a run because who are we kidding […]

Hanging up my running shoes

I had grand plans you guys. As you know from previous posts I was training for a half marathon. And I was so excited. It was going to be epic and it had tiaras, tutus, hot shirtless men – how much better could a first half marathon get? Well here’s the thing. Shit happens. Life […]

Beating myself up over running

Oh running. Why are you such an evil mistress? Actually I’d equate running more along the lines of a frenemy. Stupid running frenemy. I had to take a week off from training because I got crazy sick. I was in Atlanta for work in the middle of the month and was getting a cold towards the […]

Training for a Half

A long time ago (like a year-ish) I trained for a 5k. I trained diligently and hard and I ran my first 5k. And then my 2nd 5k, 3rd, etc. And then winter hit and I stopped running. Cause shit be cold here. And I kind of stopped running altogether. But here and there I’d pop […]

Celebrating the accomplishments – I F*CKING DID IT!!!

The weekend before Thanksgiving was my test. The final hurdle of my Couch to 5k journey. The weekend where I ran my first official 5k race. And then ran my second 5k race the very next day. That’s right, I went two-for-two. I signed up for the Massapequa Park Turkey Trot first, since it was pretty […]

Now that it’s over… but it’s really just begun

I finished my c25k training on October 29. Woo hoo!!! But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped running. Oh no – I have to keep on going, because my first 5k race is November 23rd. And then I’m doing another one November 24th! AHH!!!! The 23rd is the Massapequa Park Turkey Trot, and the 24th is […]