Getting searched at the airport? No me gusta

We last talked about exploring the Manuel Antonio Park and then hanging out by the hotel pool during the second to last day of our Costa Rican adventure. Ahhh. The next day we were off for a long bus ride back to San Jose (land of the used band-aid – GROSS). It was a long […]

"Sit Down!" "No, you stand the f*ck up!"

If you saw my Facebook or Twitter updates on Saturday night, you know they were one in the same – “13 years later, I still want to be Gwen Stefani.” Because yes, after being at the No Doubt concert and dancing and singing my butt off, it’s true, I still want to be her. She […]

My uterus is officially closed

Oh yes. That’s what I told Dave on the phone and via Twitter yesterday after getting off my flight from NYC to San Francisco. Why is my uterus closed, you may ask? Please see the below diagram for an explanation: If it’s hard to see the text on the diagram, then I will explain that […]

A San Francisco Treat!

Just landed in San Fran today for an event. I’m bone tired (what does that even mean?) and although it’s only 6:45pm West Coast time, I would not be upset at the prospect of going to bed soon. Random note – what is it with people on the plane who insist on talking to you […]

Just call me "Scrooge McPMS"

I’ve decided that there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as it being “that time of the month” right when the holidays are approaching full force. Instead of being all merry, and happy, and even jolly, I am a PMS-y, moody bitch. Instead of basking in the glow of the upcoming time off from work, and festiveness […]

I’m sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me.

One of Arielle‘s and my close friends just got broken up with this past weekend. (I don’t know if that was correct English at all.) And while it is sad that her relationship ended, I’m more upset for her about the way her now ex-boyfriend went about it. He did it through IM. I’m sorry, […]