No ticket!

Sunday found me hopping on the LIRR for the purpose of putting a few hours of work in at my office. Not something I normally do, or really want to do, but I knew if I went, I’d be in much better shape Monday. And all in all, it was uneventful, minus my boss scaring […]

Dearest bitch on the subway:

Scene: moderately full train car during Friday night rush hour. I get on the train, seeing a seat open next to a girl similar in size to me in one of the two seater sections: When I take my seat, I realize that I’m feeling rather… squished. Like I said, the girl next to me […]

Parking Wars!!

Ever since the first major snowfall in December, our neighborhood has been like a war zone when it comes to parking. It’s a residential block, but garages and driveways are small, and so the street spots are scarce. Plus we have a corner store, and two community centers of sorts on the block, which add […]

"Have you been eating a lot, Lacey?"

This post could otherwise be titled “That time I got called fat in the bridal store”. I went for my dress fitting on Friday… oh I bet you see where this is going already. I show up with my mom, shoes and wedding day undies in tow. (They’re my something blue.) Now the store I […]

I wanted to work out, not get worked up!

I was really excited to get home from work yesterday, since it was the first day in the loooooong time that I was going to the gym! (I don’t even want to tell you the last time I was at the gym…. ok it was May. I suck.) So, I get off the train, begin […]

Reason 547 why I shouldn’t be allowed in team sports

Arielle knows that I have a loud mouth when it comes to sports. When she was in NY, she was right there with me, cursing and yelling at the ref, cheering our team on in indoor soccer/volleyball/kickball/etc. Now that she’s in Boston, it’s usually just me, yelling like a fool about some injustice caused. But […]