“Overwhelmed” is a word I’d use to describe how I’ve felt recently about my digital life recently. There are more times than not when I’d look at my closed laptop, and immediately start to feel anxious about all the unread blogs, emails, updates and other things I’d been letting pile up. It was hitting the […]

My 2013 Goals

Happy New Year! The other day during my commute to work I used Evernote to jot down a few goals for 2013. Notice I’m using the word “goals” and not “resolutions”. I barely make resolutions. In my opinion, why try and hold yourself to something that you will inevitably forget about or fail at by […]

Resolutions, Lacey Bean style

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We’ve been trending towards low key New Years Eve celebrations lately, and Friday night was no exception. Dinner at our local restaurant with a group of our friends, and then everyone headed back to our house to bring in 2011. There was way too much dessert and snacky food (and I have […]

On this New Years Eve…

I’m going to do nothing. Actually, Dave and I are going to just hang out, have a quiet night in, cook some phenomenal steaks and ring in 2010 from the warmth and comfort of our couch. I’ve figured out that I really don’t care all that much for crazy New Years Eve celebrations. So this […]