For the love of God, WHERE is the remote?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the shows that I love to watch on TV, but was a bit late to the party on. (This now includes Downton Abbey – looooove!)  But with the shows that I’ve come to love, there are also a slew of shows that I loaattheeee.  And I’ll admit, there […]

Dearest bitch on the subway:

Scene: moderately full train car during Friday night rush hour. I get on the train, seeing a seat open next to a girl similar in size to me in one of the two seater sections: When I take my seat, I realize that I’m feeling rather… squished. Like I said, the girl next to me […]

Ka-POW! ZAP! Blammo!!!!*

Sometimes my morning radio show (z100’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, for all who were curious) gives me the best blog fodder.  The other day the topic on my drive over to the subway was, “who would you punch in the face?”  And not specific people by name, but types of people.  Like, people […]

Subway Behavior 101

I’m pretty sure the NYC MTA is solely responsible for me becoming a crazy, antisocial, sociopath. I’ve developed coping mechanisms to help me deal with my hour+ commute each way from the Boogie Down BX to the city.  Such habits include, but are not limited to: Sticking my elbow out whenever someone goes to sit […]

Is this worth a controversy?

Two posts in one day!  That hasn’t happened in… forever! I saw this on Good Morning America and it was stuck in my head on my train ride into work. Basically, the controversy is surrounding the fact that the baby comes with a special nursing tank top to put on, so little girls can pretend […]

Parking Wars!!

Ever since the first major snowfall in December, our neighborhood has been like a war zone when it comes to parking. It’s a residential block, but garages and driveways are small, and so the street spots are scarce. Plus we have a corner store, and two community centers of sorts on the block, which add […]