The Social Media Jealousies

Please bear with me, as this is a bit of a brain dump…  Instagram and social media have been making me all kinds of crazy recently. Not having anything to do with politics, but having all to do with what I perceive everyone else to have, and what I don’t have. Why don’t I have […]

I’m Too Old for this Sh*t

I went to see Sia in concert last night. First off, it was amazing. I have never been to a concert like that before in my life. It was fantastic. Sia is so focused on the music and the audience not being distracted by the musician/star up on stage that she stands perfectly still throughout the […]

The Dentist (Office) is my Frenemy

I hate the dentist. Not that anyone really enjoys it, but I HATE IT. The appointment gives me anxiety. When I’m in the chair I count down every minute until it’s over and I keep my eyes screwed shut and my hands clasped tight throughout the cleaning. A cleaning! It’s not even like I’m freaking […]

Things I Just Don’t Get 2

I wrote my first “Things I Just Don’t Get” list over a year ago. And guess what? There are NEW things that I just don’t get! Peplum – Why? Why do you wan’t something that flares out at your waist? Hashtag overuse – Please stop Instagramming/tweeting things with #all #of #the #hashtags. #Also #see #hashtag. […]

Striking a balance

When I was pregnant I always said that I didn’t want to become a “mommy blogger” after Sadie was born. My definition of a “mommy blogger” was a negative one – basically those crazies I met at BlogHer, or those whose antics I read about online. The women who blog only about their children, and […]

My Backyard is an Evil Place

When we moved to our house in May, I was super excited about our backyard. We have a ridiculously large yard, with a covered patio, and a huge shady tree and its privacy fenced on all sides. I imagined spending tons of time out there with Sadie, nights spend by our fire pit, tons of […]