A case of the randoms

I hate that the process of exercising is a like, a never ending cycle of the following: I want to exercise. I’m too tired to exercise. I’ll feel less tired if I exercise. Ooh I exercised! I feel great!! Now I’m tired. I want to exercise. I’m too tired… etc and so on. BLECH. This tweet […]

On being the most anti-social, social person ever, and other word vomit

People always laugh when I say I’m anti-social. How could I be? I’m on social media (excusing my hermit-like state for the last few months), I’m always on Facebook, my calendar is filled to the brim with social commitments… and I work in events! Well it’s true. I’d much rather be in my house, on […]

[Insert usual spiel about lack of blogging here]

Yeah it happened again. No posts since March. Oh well. To be honest, I’m in kind of a funk that I can’t really lift and not even sure if I want to continue writing on this little slice of the internet. I yearn to write. I itch for it sometimes. But then I look at […]

It’s about time for a brain dump

I travel for work. The travel is less frequent for my new job than it was for my last one but it is still a part of my role. People always ask if I enjoy traveling especially now that I’m leaving Sadie at home. My answer is really two-fold: I like to travel but as […]

Five on a Friday, shall we?

Let’s try this whole Five on a Friday thing, shall we? 1. Did you know I’ve gotten into running? If you know me, your mouth has already hit the floor. I’ve just started week 6 of Couch to 5k and I’m gearing up for my first 5k at the end of November. Post to come […]


I have started this post no less than five seven times now. I was going to start off with the usual, “Sorry for not posting” spiel, but then figured, who the hell cares? I haven’t written a blog post here since June. In the five plus years I’ve had Perks of Being a JAP, I’ve […]