On My 34th Birthday…

My birthday last year.   Capping off a great birthday. Yay 33! #birthday . . . . #Repost @daveunderground with @repostapp ・・・ Happy birthday my love! A post shared by Lacey 🌼Perks of Being a JAP (@laceybean_) on Jul 2, 2016 at 7:21pm PDT I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling a little melancholy […]

I’m Too Old for this Sh*t

I went to see Sia in concert last night. First off, it was amazing. I have never been to a concert like that before in my life. It was fantastic. Sia is so focused on the music and the audience not being distracted by the musician/star up on stage that she stands perfectly still throughout the […]

Not Being the Outdoorsy Parent

“I wanna go outside!” “Let’s play in the snow!” “Can we jump in muddy puddles?” These are all regular statements/demands in our house made by the littlest member of the family. And 9 times out of 10 the parent that goes with her and engages in outdoor escapades is Dave. I’m ok with that. For real. […]

The Dentist (Office) is my Frenemy

I hate the dentist. Not that anyone really enjoys it, but I HATE IT. The appointment gives me anxiety. When I’m in the chair I count down every minute until it’s over and I keep my eyes screwed shut and my hands clasped tight throughout the cleaning. A cleaning! It’s not even like I’m freaking […]

A case of the randoms

I hate that the process of exercising is a like, a never ending cycle of the following: I want to exercise. I’m too tired to exercise. I’ll feel less tired if I exercise. Ooh I exercised! I feel great!! Now I’m tired. I want to exercise. I’m too tired… etc and so on. BLECH. This tweet […]

On being the most anti-social, social person ever, and other word vomit

People always laugh when I say I’m anti-social. How could I be? I’m on social media (excusing my hermit-like state for the last few months), I’m always on Facebook, my calendar is filled to the brim with social commitments… and I work in events! Well it’s true. I’d much rather be in my house, on […]