Q&A: The Baby Stuff!!!

Here’s more of the questions you asked me – all the baby related ones!! Legally Fabulous asked Boy or girl boy or girl boy or girl?!?!?! How soon do you find out?! Well she asked that a few weeks ago, but we find out the sex next week!! December 28th. So a little late for […]

Q&A: The wishlist!

Thanks everyone for your questions!  Definitely enough to get me started blogging again (hopefully for good).  Since this one ties into the holiday season a bit, the first question is from Heidikins (who recently got engaged – YAYY!!) What items are on your Wish List? The completely unrealistic ones? The totally realistic ones? The ones […]

Are you nervous?

My Co-MOH Allison asked me this today. Or what she really said was, “I hate to ask but I gotta know…are you nervous yet? And do you think you will be nervous seeing as how nothing is really going to CHANGE with you and Dave?” My immediate answer? No. Not at all. I know I’m […]

Interview with the Lacey Bean

Like the rest of the bloggy world, I’m hopping on the interview train. And who better to be interviewed by than Jenn from Free and Flawed! But first, the rules:1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.3. You will update your […]

The Final Four!

Ladies and gentlemen! Without further ado, here are the final four questions you’ve asked me!! Wow I’ve really stretched this sucker out for a long time, haven’t I? If you could be a character in any tv programme who would you want to be? And who would you LEAST like to be? – PrincessPolly First, […]

"Conjunction junction, what’s your function?"

Or… time for more questions!! “Not Dave” (not to be confused with Dave, my boyfriend), asked: “Why is Dave so irresitably awesome and cool? Do you think it’s because of his pure animal magnetism, or more likely because of his unswerving dedication to perfection?” Wow, it’s a good thing that “Not Dave” asked me this […]