Actual Pregnancy Update!!

How far along are you?: 24 weeks – eeek!! Total weight gain: I don’t really know! I want to say like, 10ish + pounds?  I think I lost some weight first trimester from not drinking anymore, so that probably had something to do with the small amount of weight gain. How big is baby?: She’s […]

Pick Your Pregnancy Battles

I have a pregnancy pillow.  Basically, some companies got smart and instead of pregnant women shoving a pillow or two between their legs/under their baby bump, they started marketing specific pillows made just for this purpose. One day I’ll capitalize on one of these things myself and strike it rich.  Rich I tell you!  Rich!! […]

Tomorrow, TOMORROW…

…we find out the baby’s gender TOMORROW!!! I’m SO excited.  I’ve thought that Baby Bean is a girl this whole time, but hunches across our friends and family are mixed.  We’ll see!!!  While I’d love a girl, obviously I’ll be deliriously thrilled either way, as long as we’re all healthy. Any guesses??  I’ll be sure […]

Q&A: The Baby Stuff!!!

Here’s more of the questions you asked me – all the baby related ones!! Legally Fabulous asked Boy or girl boy or girl boy or girl?!?!?! How soon do you find out?! Well she asked that a few weeks ago, but we find out the sex next week!! December 28th. So a little late for […]

Oh P.S.

I do have another reason for the lack of blogging – general lethargy in my life right now that I didn’t share with you all…   I’m PREGNANT!!!!   Yes, Baby Bean will be making a grand appearance in May 2012.  This has seriously been the hardest secret to keep EVER.  WE’RE SO EXCITED!!!!  And […]