Baby Bean Update: 30 weeks!

Reminder: Google Friend Connect won’t work for any non-blogger based blogs starting TODAY! (The jerks!) Please make sure to update your feeds! How far along are you?: 30 weeks – OMG THERE’S ONLY 10 WEEKS LEFT!! (As we get closer and closer, I assume all my updates will start out with CAPS LOCK and […]

Pregnancy Ponderings

These are just some things I ponder while I’m pregnant…   I wonder what it sounds like in there (utero) while I’m taking a shower.  Does it sound like it’s raining? I have images of her floating around in the womb  like a stupefied Cornish Pixie, a la Harry Potter, even though I know it’s […]

Baby Bean Update! And her name :)

How far along are you?: 28 weeks – aka 7 months aka HOLY CRAP I’M OFFICIALLY IN THE 3rd TRIMESTER!!!! Before I get into the pregnancy nitty gritty, I figured it was time to share Baby Bean’s name with the masses. Are you ready? Come May, little Sadie Faye will be joining our family. 🙂 […]

(Waiting to) Get fit with GapFit!

About little while ago I came home to an awesome package from my friends at Brand About Town and the Gap!  Woo hoo!!  (Awesome packages are the best… TWSS?) The box was filled, and I mean FILLED with goodies from the Gap’s new GapFit line.  GapFit is their new workout line, filled with styles for […]

Preggo Update!

Figured I’d start doing this every two weeks or so until the little lady is here! How far along are you?: 26 weeks (and a day!) Total weight gain: According to my last doctor’s appointment I gained 5 pounds in a month! Wooo  baby! But I guess my doctor was a bit worried about my […]

Fat girl in a little coat!

Do you think it’s time for a new, maternity light-weight winter coat? I’m sure the whole unbuttoned-bottom-half-of-the-coat thing will catch on as a fashion trend because of this. Luckily my heavy duty winter coat still fits (for now!) And yes, I left the house like this.  Thank god for unseasonably warm weather!