Sadie’s Room – the Reveal!

Yeah, so my daughter has been here for almost three months and I’m JUST now writing about her room. First, we didn’t move until she was a month old so I couldn’t get ANYTHING ready for her (SO. FRUSTRATING.) and then it took awhile for it to all come together. But ta-da! Here it is!! […]

What’s in my Hospital Bag

Today, other than being Dave’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DADDY!), has been rather shiteous in terms of house crap and hormones. But I already wrote about the house BS the other day, so I won’t repeat myself here. (That’s what Twitter is for!) I also didn’t take any pictures yet for my 38 week preggo […]

What’s in my bag: #20SBSummit edition!

I’ve always wanted to do one of those “What’s in my Bag” posts. I’m a nosy person – I knowing what people carry in their bags! (I also peek into people’s windows while walking by if the shades are up… stalker much?) When I got home from the 20SB Summit I figured that was better […]


I am OBSESSED with my Rosebud strawberry lip balm. Can you tell? I think it’s time for a new one. (Actually, it’s time to crack open the new one waiting for me at home, because yes, I purchased another one MONTHS in advance of needing it.) Rosebud lip balm = crack.

Pictures of My Life – In Da House! (Errr… Apartment!) Part Deux!

We are snowed in today! All NYC public schools are closed (AGAIN) so Dave has off, and once I saw the foot or so of snow outside out door, and got the OK from my job to work from home, my couch is where I’ll be. Woo!!!!!!!! To continue on with PICTURES OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!, […]

Pictures of My Life – In Da House! (Errr… Apartment!)

Time for part deux of My Life in Pictures!!! There were a lot of requests for things in our apartment, so I’ll probably break this down into 2 posts. Classy Fab Sarah said a) Becky totally stole my idea. (to see my closet) and b) How about…. where do you blog from? This actually also […]