Discovering White Post Farms

Last weekend we were invited to the birthday party of my friend’s son. I’ve known Ilan since we were like, 10? 11? We went to summer camp together and lived about five minutes away from each other. (And “dated” when we were 13 haha.) Now we both live out on Long Island and are married […]

An Average Day in the Life

There’s something about the voyeur in me that LOVES people’s “day in the life” posts. I previously linked up with Julia at My Life in Transition and I’m doing it again for her Fall link up! Lacey: 33 years old Dave: 37 years old Sadie: 4 years old Thursday, October 14, 2016 2:55am – Sadie […]

My Baby IS a Snow Baby!

Welcome to Winter Storm Jonas!! (By the way, who decided to name winter storms? Why not like Winter Storm 2,081? Does the name make it more personal?) We’re all cozy in our house and thankfully don’t have to go out for anything. And the city just mandated that all roads were closed starting at 2:30pm […]

A Day in the Life…

I’m an event planner. Now before you get all excited and like, “OOOOH PARTIES! THAT MUST BE SO MUCH FUN!” – hold your horses. I’m a corporate event planner. Now you’re still probably like “OOOOH EVENT PLANNING! THAT MUST BE SO MUCH FUN!” Did you know that event planning has continuously shown up as one […]

Sadie’s “Little Miss Sunshine” 1st Birthday Party!

I’m not a huge party planner, which is hysterical since I plan events for a living. I can plan those corporate functions to a T, but when it comes to planning a social event, I get lost in all the little details and ultimately wind up doing half of what I originally planned. Sadie’s 1st […]

My baby is not a snow baby

We got a decent amount of snow starting on Friday and decided to torture our child Sadie needed to experience it firsthand. It was her first “real” snow, after all! We bundled her up (note – we do not own proper snow gear for her. Whoops.) and headed out to the pristine backyard. Here is […]