Lacey & Dave Get Married – Getting Ready!!

Yay! It’s finally time for more wedding pictures! In some kind of chronological order!!! And here we go!!! The day before the wedding my mom treated whoever could come to get their nails done! 5 of us and my mom got manicures, pedicures and then went out to lunch, and holy crap it was like […]

I’m married!! (Eeeek!)

That’s so weird to say!! Dave and I have also decided that being married feels really no different than before. Except for the pretty rings on our fingers. I guess since we’ve been living together for so long, there’s really not much that could be different! I have to get used to being someone’s wife […]

Pictures of My Life – In Da House! (Errr… Apartment!) Part Deux!

We are snowed in today! All NYC public schools are closed (AGAIN) so Dave has off, and once I saw the foot or so of snow outside out door, and got the OK from my job to work from home, my couch is where I’ll be. Woo!!!!!!!! To continue on with PICTURES OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!, […]

Pictures of My Life – In Da House! (Errr… Apartment!)

Time for part deux of My Life in Pictures!!! There were a lot of requests for things in our apartment, so I’ll probably break this down into 2 posts. Classy Fab Sarah said a) Becky totally stole my idea. (to see my closet) and b) How about…. where do you blog from? This actually also […]

One Year Ago…

Dave proposed to me!! I can’t believe a year has gone by already. And I can’t believe our wedding is NEXT MONTH! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN???? It’s probably a good thing you can’t really see my face in these pictures… ’cause I was CRYING MY FACE OFF!! So happy Engagement-versary Dave. I love you and […]


There’s still time to enter my giveaway to win a copy of the Texts From Last Night book!! I know like, 15 other bloggers are giving it away too, but my giveaway is better. (There’s no explanation to that, it just is.) I’ve really had nothing to blog about as of late. Oh except that […]